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Well I’ll write In English cause I want to tell everybody that Jeremy Gilley who believed in Peace, he maked a great job starting to talk with ordinary peoples, like you and me. He reached the Talibans, they wrote to him that they respect the 21:st september. You can also do something for the peace in you neighborhood, play football, paint, a concert, only your imagination is the limit.

Peace One Day isn’t only a dream, it’s also a reality you can have. An experience you’ll live if you only believe in it. Start imaging a better world without conflicts, just take this little step you need to do, not to demand anything superior, just one little thing to celebrate the peace, just Peace One Day the 21:st september.

You know, they’re telling you that peace is impossible in some countries, but listen to Jeremy Gilley, he maked it. United Nations and UNICEF listened to what he told them. He’s a true inspiration. But he’s not a perfect person, just one person and you can be the next person who will change something in your country. Start to believe in yourself, talk to others, to each others. Go out and celebrate the Peace One Day!

Maria Thunholm

Peace One Day – La Paix Un Jour – La Paz Un Dia – La Pace Un Giorno – Fred En Dag – A paz Um Dia –

السلام يوم واحد
Мир один день
Heddwch un diwrnod
שלום יום אחד