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Peace is something to really struggle for, the Israelis are struggling for peace with the Palestinians and do you find it in the traditional media?

Many thousands now at our demonstration in Tel Aviv calling for a change in policy, because only peace will bring security.

Posté par PEACE NOW sur samedi 24 octobre 2015

I found this photo on a page Facebook, it’s a peace organisation in Israel, the ordinary peoples are tired of a 60 years old conflict, they’re going out on the streets and not even a notice in a newspaper. Peace Now seems to be a good page, I see the citizens of both Israel and Palestine who want to bring peace. I don’t talk about the gouverments, it seems that the political leaders aren’t interested of a during peace in the Middle East.

Who earns on a long conflict?

Well it’s a weapon industry who doesn’t help to bring peace, the human conflicts make an economic benefit for the great industries, you know if the people find a way to bring peace some political leaders are trying to put the citizens against each other. It’s a battle between social classes, between Christians in Ireland for example. It seems that the human being is struggling to make conflicts in this world.

Do you know that we share this world?

What makes us more like each other rather than different? Of course, we’re all human beings, we’re bleeding the same way and it doesn’t matter if we’re Christians, Bouddhists, Jews, Muslims or whatever our faith is. We are all of the same human race, we have different cultures, but the basic needs are all the same, we need a safe base to build a future, to believe in something, to have a belief, to realize a dream.

Why can’t we share this world when it comes to politic and economy?

Why is the military industry so lucrative? You’ll see that the military economy is much bigger than a social aid, the poverty could be vanished if we wanted it, we could help the poor people build a society with a stronger economy. No refugees too, because if they don’t need to flee they could take of their families. We create these refugees, we do it and it’s all about power. I cannot say that I know everything, but I see all these conflicts in this world.

Well be positive, the citizens are raising for peace, not only in Israel, everywhere even if a few are struggling to be conservative and more restrictive, the most of us are struggling to make a better world for all. Peace is possible, we need to see our similarities and not our differences, even if our differences are making us a little richer.

The hope does exist, even if this demonstration in Israel pass without a notice from the media, it’s a beginning.

Maria Thunholm