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I’m following the American presidential election and everything Donald Trump’s saying makes no sense, ban the Muslims to immigrate to the USA isn’t realistic anyway. He’s making it tough for himself, the world does see him, doesn’t he understand this?

The Muslims are different people with different cultures, some are harder against strangers than others, it’s all about the culture. As I see it Donald Trump is a menace for the peace work, he doesn’t want peace, he wants war. As I read the article from New York Times I’m sure the Americans needs to vote for one other candidate, one who’s ready to treat the Muslims as Human Beings.

Everything Donald Trump say is so scary, I’d believe he’s potential to start the 3rd World War. We don’t need more hatred in the world, we’d need more understanding and cultural bridges. One thing we can’t forget is that we have the same basic needs wherever we’re born. You don’t choose to be born in a Jewish, Christian or Muslim family, it’s impossible.

I’m afraid that the Americans will be the first victims too, Donald Trump seems to ignore the needs of the Americans, they don’t need more fear in their country, they’d need more a humble political leader who’s working to build up a good international relation with other countries. If we want to stop the terrorists, well we need to stop treating Muslims as terrorists, we really need to make a difference between a Muslim and a terrorist, who could be a Catholic.

Please my fellow Americans, don’t let the hatred win, let’s start with an interantional peace work. Treat people as human beings, it doesn’t matter if they’re Muslims or not, the act is counting, not the religion.

Maria Thunholm